Unit 3 - Linear Relations

Review of Linear Relations

Different Representations of Linear Relations

Plotting Points Review

Online Quiz - Cartesian Plane
Online Practice - Points on Coordinate Grid
Game - plotting points
Game - writing ordered pairs for points

Video - slope from a graph
Video - slope (negative) from a graph

Video - slope from 2 points (option 1)
Video - slope from 2 points (option 2)

Game - slope 'Rags to Riches'
Slope - Day 2

Graphing Linear Relations - Table of Values

Video - graphing with table of values
Video - table of values (rate is a fraction)
Graphing Linear Relations - Intercepts

Video - Finding and graphing with intercepts
Graphing Linear Relations - slope and y-intercept (y=mx+b)

Video - graphing with slope and y-intercept

Equations of Lines - Part 1 (given a graph, or given a slope
and a point)

Video - equations from graphs
Video - equations from point and a slope
Equations of Lines - Part 2 (given 2 points)

(only first 5 minutes - the last examples are not in our course!)
Video - equations of lines given two points
Equations of Horizontal and Vertical Lines

Video - Equations of horizontal and vertical lines
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Video - recognizing parallel and perpendicular lines from equations
Rearranging to y=mx+b

Video - writing equations in y=mx+b form